What Makes Paris the Perfect Destination to Study Fashion Designing

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For the fashion students, Europe is the place to be. Paris and Milan can be considered as the fashion capitals in the world, and there is no better place than these cities on the planet for studying fashion designing. Here we are talking about the world’s second most visited city in the world by the tourists, Paris. Fashion Universities in Paris are some of the top ranked universities in the world, and considered best by students and professionals alike.

Why Paris?


Students are not required to have a profound knowledge of French language to study in France. There are number of fashion designing courses in Paris that are taught in English. However, it is advisable to students that they have a basic understanding of French for day to day interaction.

Range of Programs:

Paris offers wide range of courses like MBA in Luxury Brand Management (at IFA Paris), MBA in Fashion Industries (at ModArt), marketing, retailing and of course, Fashion Designing. The focus of the courses is on the comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Fashion. The courses consist the different techniques and understanding of the materials, textures, fabrics and styles etc. It also emphasises on the expressing oneself with the help of fashion.

Events and Fashion Culture:

The city is always hosting an international event or two for fashion. When you take a walk down the streets, you will see the shops from top fashion brands all over the world. The city itself breathes fashion and art, and it is the perfect place to learn the fashion.


Paris is the potpourri of the cultures from all around the world. Not only among the students, but the diversity is there in the faculties, too. Students and professors from all around the world come to Paris to study fashion. That makes it a mixture of cultures, which can exchange its values, creativity and influence over each other. Student exchange and study abroad programs among the fashion students from all over the world makes Paris a happening place.

Top Fashion Universities in Paris:

Paris is known for its quality of education along with all the museums and culture. There are as many as 17 top ranked Universities in Paris, and the education have higher, international standards and approach to the learning. Be it aeronautical engineering or the fashion designing, there is nothing short in the courses that are being taught at the institutions.

List of Universities in Paris where you can study Fashion designing:

  • ESMOD France
  • LISAA School of Design
  • Paris College of Art
  • IFA Paris
  • Istituto Marangoni
  • ISC Paris
  • ModArt International

Career Opportunities after Studies:

When the streets are full of opportunities, the students have the options to choose what they want to do ahead. Paris is full of designer studios, and fashion businesses, aspiring fashion businesses and the artists of tomorrow. It is a playground for the designing students, where they are free to do anything they want.

The other thing to look forward to is the placement by the Universities in Paris, and the internship opportunities. Networking is an important part of the job hunting and Universities in Paris gives you enough opportunities to build one. Some impression made during the internships help when it comes to job hunting.

There is a room for everyone. A fashion designer, manager, editor at a fashion enterprise, freelancer or an entrepreneur who wants to do something of his / her and make it big. There are number of paths to follow once the studies end.

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