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The myths about hair growth medicines

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We have all grown up listening to stories – imaginative and full of fantasy. And at some point in our growing up years, we have also dreamt of a Jeannie – one who could grant any wish by just blinking their eyes. Well that is wishful thinking – something that the real world does not allow.

As we grow up, we realise that there is no Jeannie in the real world and we cannot wish our problems away – no matter what they are. So if we don’t have money, we work to earn it and if we are unwell, we see a doctor. We’d be living in a fool’s paradise if we were to believe that there is a ‘quick fix’ for a problem – and that is as true for hair fall as for anything else. Let’s give you some context.

Many Changes in Life:

If you are experiencing hair fall – perhaps earlier than you might have expected – by now you would know what the reasons are. Your lifestyle, stress, hormonal changes have all added up to it – but genetics is largely responsible for thinning, hair loss and eventual baldness. The reasons might be whatever they are – the process of losing hair is distressing. And if this wasn’t enough, add to that the misery of finding out what works and what doesn’t – especially when you get advice from all kinds of people. Some might suggest Ayurveda, the other homeopathy, maybe some herb or oil and what not. And how would you ever find out – in your gullible moments, you end up trying all of them. The result – well, if it was really positive, then you would not be reading this piece – so we can safely say that it didn’t work.

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Medicines Affect:

In addition to ‘local’ and ‘quick fix’ solutions, there are many over the counter options as well. One of them – and perhaps the most popular – is Minoxidil. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is easily available over the counter without a prescription. It is usually sprayed or rubbed on the scalp twice a day and is popularly used by both men and women. Another medicine that is often used by younger women is Finasteride (Propecia). This pill is available upon prescription and is taken once a day.

But the question is – how effective these medications are? Do they have side effects? Will they help regrow your hair? Will they lead to a permanent solution? How is different from a hair transplant? To answer these questions effectively, you need to understand that hair loss caused by heredity is permanent. No medicine, herb, or ointment can help you get your hair back – they do not have magical properties. They may, at best, retard hair fall after continuous usage for six months to up to a year. And once you stop using them, you are back to square one – grappling with the same problem as you were perhaps a year ago.

What hair medicines do?

They lower the levels of DHT or dihydrotestosterone hormone, the chief culprit for hair loss. There is research to suggest that people up to 90% of the people that participated in studies for these drugs were able to gain or maintain their hair for approximately five years.

However, the side effects of medicines cannot be predicted with certainty for individual consumers. We don’t know for sure how different bodies will react to such medications. Take for example Minoxidil – its side effects include an itchy scalp, dandruff as well as skin irritation. In women, Minoxidil can also potentially cause growth in facial hair – especially on the cheeks. And in case you suffer from a heart ailment – this medication is a complete no go. As far Finasteride is concerned, it can cause birth defects in pregnant women and is also not effective in postmenopausal women.

As opposed to medication, hair transplant is a permanent solution to baldness. However, before you self medicate or consider hair transplant, we strongly recommend that you consult an expert. There is no substitute for that. You will come across all kinds of recommendations and suggestions from friends and family – and if you don’t take them with a pinch of salt, you will end up being disappointed. Therefore remember – there is no magical hair growth medicine available out there. The next best thing is an expert – and we suggest that you go meet one. The expert professional will work better on your problem and you will get the right treatment for baldness and hair loss.

These days there are so many less experienced Doctors or experts who are also giving some less effective medicines to their patients to tell them that these medicines will work better on the growth of your hairs, but actually it is not at all true. If anyone is suffering from a severe kind of baldness then the person should without any delay consult with a hair restoration or hair transplant expert in the cities like Delhi which is located in India. India is one of the most favoured countries in terms of cost for hair restoration and hair transplant surgeries.

Medical Tourism in India

The medical tourism in India has been increased extensively as compared last few years because India has diversified and world class Doctors for the treatment of various diseases and the cost is also very affordable and economical. In the above statements we have mentioned that it is only a myth that these medicines are effective to stop baldness or hair loss, but the fact is that it is mandatory to consult with an expert even if you believe on the medicines for the proper functioning of your hair growth. So, it is quite clear that visiting an authentic clinic is very much important and necessary for everyone.

There are plenty of people who also search for the expert professionals in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc, but which one to choose is the main question comes in the minds of various people. Same with the clinics of hair transplant in Delhi which are easily available for everyone in different locations of the capital.

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