Get Drowned in Craft Beers of Pennsylvania: Just don’t forget the Glasses you choose!

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The art lovers of well-brewed alcoholic beverages would solemnly nod on the importance of a well-suited beer glass, even more if these are the craft beers. Pennsylvania is one such place where beer enthusiasts and aficionados pour their common love for special beers launched by the local breweries in glasses that would not only enhance the experience but also the visual appeal much before it could tantalize the taste buds.

Some of the great flavors are kept reserved for special occasions to delight and surprise the people flocking to their place in anticipation. Some of these upcoming events are Kennett Brewfest and King of Prussia Beer Fest. Such seasonal fests and beer events give beer lovers from in and around more reasons to have a good time with their choice craft beers, and that can be sorely ruined if the glass is not what it is supposed to be.  

With so much emphasis on the vessel that transports beer from its container to your mouth delighting the palate, it is high time you know about the range of beer glasses that would go nicely with the choice of your craft beer (do you mind my adding: handcrafted with love by your local brewery?).

  • Sunny Side Up, an oatmeal coffee stout from Al’s of Hampden  

Stouts can be a favorite of many for their dark appeal and of course for their ABV of around 7-8%. This particular stout goes great with your choice pizza that you may have come to have here at Al’s of Hampden.  some of best suited glass for sunny side up craft beer are nonic pint.

  • Le Roar Grrrz, a gueuze from Bullfrog Brewery

A sort of Belgian beer, limbic where young and old lambics are mixed to brew something novel, this gueuze is unique in many senses, and so should be the glass you get to flavor it in. some of best suited glass for Le roar Grrrz craft beer  are Stange, Snifter and Tulip.

  • Space Race, IPA from Crime & Punishment

A brewery is limited by its imagination (and sometimes ingredients locally available) to create magic known as IPA by a beer lover. This one here by C+P is hopped and then dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe. Distinct scents imparted by wheat grass, papaya, and stone fruits, get an intermingling with flavors rendered by grapefruit rind, mango, and passion fruit. Could there be another definition of heaven!.  some of best suited glass for space race craft beer are Nonic Pint and Tulip.

  • Nugget Necter, an amber ale from Tröegs

This once-in-a-year specialty keeps beer lovers in queue waiting for it to be available to their taste buds. Awarded Fifty Best Beers in 2011, this one’s made flavorful with mango, resins, pine and white peppercorn and grapefruit pith. Excessively dry in their own words, the imperial amber ale is a delight to even look at before leaving you paralyzed with its taste. some of best suited glass for Nugget Necter craft beer  are Snifter and Weizen.

  • Phoenix Kriek, a fruited ale from Selin’s Grove

If fruited ales are your choice / preference, coming to Selin’s Grove can be worth the visit. With a lot of options for a quite yet thrilling vacation full of kayaking and cycling tour, while the opportunity to enjoy great fruited ales like Phoenix Kriek, you must visit the place. (And don’t worry about eating; just worry about the kind of selection you might have to go through before you can decide on what). some of best suited glass for Phoenix Kriek craft beer  are Weizen or Vase and Tulip.

  • Kriek Nouveau, a sour ale from Free Will Brewing

This one could never have been tasted well than in a snifter with its cherry-oak flavor aged for 3-year or more. Add vintage to your tasting that gets better slowly with every mindful gulping. And the ABV of 6.9% would keep you from feeling down anytime of the day. some of best suited glass for Kriek Nouveau  craft beer  are Flute and snifter

Wondering what every glass is shaped like?

For those who have just started venturing into the world of craft beers, glasses might pose a threat to experiencing the beer. Below comes some assistance as to what every glass-type highlighted above looks like.



Weizen or Vase:


Nonic Pint:


Now that you know which glass to go with your beloved craft beer from some of the most popular PA breweries, don’t forget to stock them from your trusted glass stores.

It’s that time of the year to get fest-lively!


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