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7 days of Love- Valentine Week 2019

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As the Valentine Week approaches the stress for the parties involved also increases. During the beginning of the February, you might be thinking for the dozens of ideas of what kind of gifts should be picked up regardless of how long you have been together. The Valentine Week guide will assist you in bringing gifts for your other half at your doorsteps just by relaxing on your couch.

7th February-

Rose Day: The commencement of Valentine’s week is done with a Rose Day. Flowers are for grace and elegance and each flower has its own meaning. Rose is associated with beauty, love, friendship, sentiments and elegance. There is no better way to associate this day with any other gifts. Ferns & Petals will serve you with a varied range of bouquets and ravishing blossoms that can be ordered online.

8th February-

Propose Day: Are you feeling nervous and hesitant to express your love to the person you dearly and unconditionally love and looking for words to express your feelings? Carry with you a small piece of jewellery- A beautiful ring to showcase your love differently and for memories to last lifetime. Terramart is online with a varied range of rings that perfectly defines your relationship.

9th February-

Chocolate Day: Chocolate Day is the best time to offer a line of splendid, handcrafted, pleasing and premium chocolate products that will leave a lasting impression. Chocolate is a key to elevate your love which also symbolizes fun, care, love and commitment. Gift her soft centered Hoglatto truffles and pralines that best describes your relationship of lasting richness and sweetness.

10th February-

Teddy Day: Gifting a teddy bear will replenish the childhood memories which every girl adores. Teddy day celebrated on the 10th of February is the cutest day of the Valentine week. The key to female’s heart is gifting her a teddy as it is the softest and cuddliest companion your loved one can have. Shop for teddies from Archies to turn woes to happiness.

11th February-

Promise Day: We take numerous resolutions and vows in our entire life. Some we continue to keep while some we fail. Valentine week is just around the corner as the doors to the love carnival begins from the 7th February but the promise to fulfill and cherish it can be made on the 5th day i.e. on the Promise day. Strengthen your bond by gifting her something out of the box from HairDramaCo.

12th February-

Hug Day: A hug is the best way to show love and gratitude also it teaches us the importance of giving and receiving. A warm and a comforting hug from your loved ones will help in elevating mood and decreases stress. Gift her a mobile cover from Bewakoof to remain in touch even though you are not present with each other.

13th February-

Kiss Day: The kiss day in the Valentine week is the day when you can express your emotions in a comforting, love-filled and tender way. The rush of excitement to savour the exceptional memories by spending the day alone with her in the four corners of your home and ordering online. Make this day special by celebrating by gifting her edible treats like EatODrama Snack Box that will keep her taste buds guessing.

14th February-

Valentine Day: And finally, the day which holds the greatest importance in every couple’s life is the Valentine day. Instead of celebrating in a cliched way by spending the day out and going for dinner, pick a right set of loungewear from NeceSera for her and spend the entire day with her at home. Shop online for unmatched butter-soft fabrics that she is going to enjoy, love and rave about for sure.

So, through this Valentine’s week make sure to confess your love to your beloved one as you have an official opportunity to express by showering these gifts. It is rightly said “Love is always bestowed as a gift… freely, willingly and without expectation.” The week from 7th to 14th February is the ‘Week of Love’, so pave the way right to her heart.

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