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6 Guide to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Toddler

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Valentine’s Day brings the season of love. And you are wrong if you think Valentine’s Day is only for lovers or for your partner. Valentine’s Day has this spirit of spreading love and affection to everyone you love. It may be your mother, father, child, grandparents, friends, colleagues etc. So if you are just blessed with a little baby than this first Valentine’s Day of your new born has to be special. Thus here we are with a super guide to make this Valentine’s Day special for your toddler and giving the baby all the love he/she deserves.

1. Write Love Cards

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This is a very thoughtful idea and it could be a great tribute to your child when he learns to read. From the time he is born, on every Valentine’s Day you must write beautiful and touchy love cards for your baby. So once he will be old enough to read them, he will be overwhelmed to receive this priceless gift. In his growing years, he will share a wonderful bond with you. You can join the party even if your child has grown and is a kid.

2. Make a delicious Valentine’s Day Breakfast

3.Make and decorate chocolate cookies.jpg

If your kid is already a grown up one, make his favourite dishes for breakfast and wish him Happy Valentine’s Day. You can make delicious pancakes, milk, eggs for breakfast and surprise your baby. If she is a girl who loves pink treat her with pink strawberry milk, strawberry pancakes and strawberry muffins. You can also decorate the table, so your kid wakes up to this beautiful breakfast arrangement. They would get excited to have this delicious breakfast on this special day.

3. Make and decorate chocolate cookies

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You can engage your little one in making delicious chocolate cookies. This would be one of the most fun ideas because you can spend beautiful moments with your little ones and they would even learn something new. Your kid could also show his creativity in decorating and designing these delicious cookies. This is a fun bonding tradition people are engaging themselves since a really long time. You can make heart shaped chocolate cookies together and share some indelible moments together.

4. Wrap small gifts

4._Wrap small gifts.jpg

It is important to confess your love through gifts. But through this we do not mean the gifts have to be extravagant and expensive. The gifts should always be thoughtful that it teaches few values to your kids. Also by giving gifts you teach them the virtue of giving. This is an invaluable life lesson which needs to be learnt at a very young age. As red colour is given much importance on Valentine’s Day you can gift them a red frock or skirt.

5. Special Valentine’s Day Dinner

5._Special Valentine’s Day Dinner.jpg

You can go on a dinner date with your child like you go with your partner. Dress them up in beautiful attires and take them for a dinner date at their favourite restaurant. You can also arrange for a candle light dinner at home and make them feel special. You can treat them with a bouquet of roses for the date and spend this day together. Also make online gift delivery to your partner if he is away for work.

6. Give eye popping balloons

6.Give eye popping balloons.jpg

It is so easy to cheer up the kids. Even few balloons would do wonders. You can wish them Happy Valentine’s Day through red heart shaped balloons. There are various balloons available for Valentine’s Day like I LOVE YOU Balloons, heart shaped balloons and others which are used to make this days special for your kids. Balloons will spread to kids like no other. Along with balloons you can also send romantic chocolates online and make the little one feel special.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and these ideas helps you spend a memorable day with your child.

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